El Centro

I can’t get enough of El Centro, the walled city, the old city of Cartagena. Originally guarded by a 11km wall, the city was declared UNESCO heritage, which ensures El Centro will remain as is, mas of menos, for many generations to come. When ever I visit, I’m ready to see different things: if you look, you will see! 

An inviting Instagram post made me visit Gelateria Paradiso. Mamoncillos are in season, so we just had to try the ice cream…worth the trip!! And of course, while in the Old City, I just had to document a few of the beautiful “things” we saw!




It’s no secret, I love Cartagena! I love the people, the weather (99% of the time), my apartment, the food, the experience…you name it, I love it. Not unconditionally, but close to it. I love the daily experiences, adventures and challenges. My life is better and richer for it all. 

But I’m an outcast. I’ve never thought loving something will put you in a box or labels you as weird or unique! I thought about this label for a while, and have decided to carry it with pride! Instead of conforming to the negativity, I openly love and share that love. Personally, I don’t understand what’s not to love, but I respect different opinions and accept that not everybody considers Cartagena a perfect match.  

In my eyes, you only live once, might as well max’ out and “live like someone left the gate open”.