It’s no secret, I love Cartagena! I love the people, the weather (99% of the time), my apartment, the food, the experience…you name it, I love it. Not unconditionally, but close to it. I love the daily experiences, adventures and challenges. My life is better and richer for it all. 

But I’m an outcast. I’ve never thought loving something will put you in a box or labels you as weird or unique! I thought about this label for a while, and have decided to carry it with pride! Instead of conforming to the negativity, I openly love and share that love. Personally, I don’t understand what’s not to love, but I respect different opinions and accept that not everybody considers Cartagena a perfect match.  

In my eyes, you only live once, might as well max’ out and “live like someone left the gate open”. 



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