#reverb15 5/31

Kim’s post inspired me to write about the best meal I had in 2015. What made it the best? Who prepared it? 

Husband man and I go out every Saturday, if Monday is a holiday, we switch to Sundays. We’ve been going on date night since 2003, or when we first got married! It’s our thing. Picking the best meal or most memorable meal is difficult, and I’m herewith selecting three occasions that should all be winning. The street food tour is a reflection of the food here in Cartagena, the choripan represents our vacation in Argentina and so does the 3rd pick, however, the experience, the service, the location make I Latina on of the top 10 experiences, ever!! 

1) Cartagena Street Food Tour — look it up at Cartagena Connections

2) choripan (chorizo in pan!)  

3) I Latina (http://ilatinabuenosaires.com/) — closed restaurant in Buenos Aires offering a mouthwatering tasting menu 



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