#reverb15 — 8/31

Well, Kim, you asked about our holiday traditions…here you go:

I grew up celebrating on Christmas Eve, just the four Meiers, with fondue. I still prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas Day and husband man and I have had fondue 11 out of 12 Christmas Seasons. Not on the 24th, but in December, close to Christmas. 

As a married couple, we spent 3 out of 12 Christmasses alone, just us, the 4th is around the corner. We alternated between upstate NY and his family and Los Angeles (or Switzerland) and my family. This year, it will be just us on Christmas Eve, we did invite friends who are solo in Cartagena for the 25th. 

Traditionally, we didn’t decorate, we weren’t home for Christmas, but this year, the tree is up, lights on the balcony, candles, Christmas has arrived at output house and it hope it has or will at yours as well. 

And it will always be Christmas to me. I’ll respectfully wish you a happy holiday season if you’re not celebrating Christmas, but in my world, it’s Christmas! 

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. Frohe Weihnachten.  



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