#reverb15 — 10/31

Creature of habit or change lover/seeker? I crave change (almost!) as much as I love my habits. Change is good, yet I think we fear it since it means facing the unknown, letting go of a habit that’s guided us, helped us, and maybe made us feel safe. 

Change doesn’t scare me, I’m living on the 3rd continent, packed up my life for an ex-boyfriend, but I credit finding and crating a routine to successfully living where ever I have thus far. Change provides the opportunity to liberate yourself from habits that might have restricted you, yet new habits or routines guide you through your days after a change. 

I embrace change, try to adjust my habits, leave room for change. Yet I do not like if something unforeseen interrupts or disturbs my routine/habits. 

Personally, I believe we need a certain percentage of habits in our lives to welcome change with open arms! 


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