#reverb15 — 11/31

Thank you, Kim & Sarah for the daily inspirations! 

Today’s prompt: day in the life. The first day that came to mind was late August 2012, we were in Italy outside Positano and took a private boat along the Amalfi and Sorento Coast to Naples, where a Mercedes van awaited us and took us to Pompei. With a guide we explored the ruins and learned loads about what truly happened and how smart people were back then…amazing pizza for lunch and a fun boat ride back — we did get to swim in the Mediterranean heading to and from Pompei and Achile, the multitasking boat captain also had ice cold beer, wine and champagne. It was an amazing day and sharing it with husband man made it all that much more special. 

Then other special days came to mind, days that equally made me smile, tear up, shut up (aka I was speechless!) and just feel eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience it, live it, share it. I decided to write down some occasions that meet the above in one way or another…so here goes:

Birth of my first god-daughter 🌟 birth of my second god-daughter 🌟birth of my god-son 🌟 hiking in Machu Picchu 🌟 Meier family vacation in East Africa 🌟 dinner at I Latina in Buenos Aires 🌟 skiing the Rockies with my sister and mom 🌟 my wedding day 🌟 waking up in Cartagena for the first time after moving here 🌟 attending the most famous track and field meeting p/competition in Switzerland in 198?? 🌟 a day in the Vatican with husband man 🌟 my very last BodyStep class in NoVA 🌟 hiking Cotopaxi 🌟 sunrise and sunset over Chilean Andes 🌟 sunset in Santorini 🌟 

And really, every day is a day in the life. I’m fortunate & lucky to be living the life I’m currently living. Husband man is making it all possible for me to live large in Cartagena, to explore and enjoy, swim in oceans and pools, drink wine and lemonada de coco, eat gourmet meals and off street carts, visit the old city and other sites…I get to live THE life πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’™β€οΈ


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