#reverb15 — 12/31

I draw inspiration, today’s prompt, from a variety of sources, people and places. Professional athletes or fitness professionals inspire me to train harder, work harder, commit to consistency and find out what is truly physically possible. Stories of success, people overcoming obstacles inspire me to live harder, be more grateful, live life to its fullest. Living in Cartagena has also inspired me to value the little things, see the little things, appreciate the little things, slow down to value just these things. 

Living overseas and being blissfully unemployed has taught me to slow down, smell the roses, and look. Look for the beauty life offers, look for beautiful things in places least expected. Slowing down has given me a whole new appreciation of life, of love, of love for life (even bigger than before!). Seeing the difference of social classes, income and living standards within a few minutes from each other keeps me humble and appreciative of the life I’m privileged to live. It also provides me with inspiration to live a better life, give more, do more. 

Taco Bell has been using the slogan “live más” for a while — i strive for that. Daily. And if I’m struggling to do so, I’ll look for inspiration to live life to its fullest.  



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