#reverb15 — 13/31

Today’s prompt is “monotony”. We don’t get along well, yet I crave habits and routine. But there has to be room for spice, spontaneity, excitement and out of the ordinary. 

Not working allows me to schedule my days as I please, I don’t have a lot of fixed items on my weekly/daily schedule and after working as much as I did in the past, I appreciate the blank canvas. I don’t find it intimidating, I love mixing the colors of life daily to create anything but monotony. 

I elected to have cosmetic surgery earlier this year and had to stay inside. This confinement showed me, that monotony and I don’t get along. But I wasn’t bored, I refuse to be bored, I don’t get bored easily, really never. I read, caught up on my coloring, wrote emails that required more time and enjoyed the extra time I gave myself…yet I missed leaving the house, missed seeing my friends. I missed the spice of life. 

Personally, I don’t accept monotony, life is too colorful! 



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