#reverb15 — 14/31

Limiting beliefs equals “Self doubt” or “Own worst enemy” in my mind. I’m trying to think if I limit myself due to self doubt or fear of not being perfect, something I know Sarah knows only too well. She has a weekly podcast, by the way, addressing perfectionism as well as living a B+ life. Look her up, she’s amazing!

I was raised to be a believer in myself, my dad is definitely an arrogant person and I think I’ve inherited some of that. I do believe in myself more often than not, yet I do have my moments, thanks mom, where I don’t think I’m good enough. Where I don’t think my way was good enough. I’ve overcome this in some aspects of my life, definitely while still working. When in doubt, I looked at my bonus check (I had a picture of it on my phone!), and knew I was good at what I got paid to do. I never had doubts regarding my gym classes, maybe I should have had them, but I always felt the number of attendees spoke for itself…I have self doubt or limiting beliefs when facing new things, but not everything. Never did I have doubts about learning Spanish while in Cartagena, I knew I’d learn it (arrogant? Maybe, but I do speak several other languages, so….), but when given the opportunity to learn to waterski with a friend of mine, he used to train the top of the top skiers, I chickened out. Why? What if I suck at it? What if I don’t get it ASAP, what if I fail? Fear of failure has definitely held me back, paralyzed me, I do believe (even at my age, I remain way too competitive for my own good!) I need to be good, better, stronger, faster than others. It’s unhealthy and limiting, maybe 2016 should be about self acceptance and not looking to the left or right to compete but to get inspired and inspire. 



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