#reverb15 — 15/31

Family ties was yesterday’s prompt. Until 1994, I thought my family was perfect…little did I know that we were as dysfunctional as families are. No need to dwell in what changed my mind about that…dynamics were changed over the past years, but I think we did a mostly good job overcoming it and uniting and unifying ourselves for the sake of family and support. Do we all agree? Nope. But we get along. And when we are all together, Mami, Papi, Martina and I, we have a blast! He family has grown. There are two husbands and two little people, but still we get along. 

Outside my imitate family unit, we get along. I am not really close to my aunts and uncles, my grandparents have all passed. I do love knowing that everybody is doing well, social media helps staying in touch, but I’m closer to many of my friends than I’m to my own blood…so when it comes down to selecting who I’ll see/visit when in Switzerland, I tend to see more friends than family, because in the end, just because you’re my family doesn’t mean I need to love you or be close to you. Family is what you’re born into, friends you have the luxury of picking. 


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