#reverb15 — 16/31

Today’s prompt is “blink”. Today’s prompt comes with a twist: 5min limit.

Here we go: I think the first thought is time. Especially witnessing yet another couple leave Cartagena, friends of ours! Their 3.5 years are coming to an end tomorrow, they’re moving to CT on Friday. If I blink, my time here will be up, and I’m far, far from ready for that. I will refrain from blinking and keep on enjoying the heck out of Cartagena and my life here in Cartagena. Just like with today’s prompt, life overseas comes with a time limit of 6 years, we are approaching our 3rd year (Jan 12, 2014 is when we moved here) and the thought of this potentially being the second to last is NOT making me want to blink. Ever again.

Eyes wide open, open minded and armed with my camera, I will keep on living and loving life, each day and picture at the time here in Cartagena, la fant√°stica. 


2 thoughts on “#reverb15 — 16/31

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