#reverv15 — 17/31

Today’s prompt made me laugh: “free time”. My life consists of nothing but right now, but let me backtrack to 1996, when I first started working full time. I commuted an hour in the AM and an hour after work, spending 9.5hrs incl. 1hr lunch at work. It didn’t feel that way, I loved my job and my team. Lots! But, I quickly realized, that free time had to equal me time. Me doing what makes me happy. That meant gym, reading on the train (that’s lots of reading if you commute 10hrs), and meeting friends for lunch. I cherished me time, a whole lot. 

Fast forward to 2010-2012 and working 100% from home. Hellooooooo me time!!! Since nobody tore me away from what was my job, I allowed myself breaks to ensure the work/life balance was in favor of life. Always. Maybe that’s the Swiss in me, we are great at LIFE > work, we rock that (un)equation. 

In 2013, I went back to work (aka working on property and no longer at home!) for 9 months prior to starting my current life, which is one gigantic pile of free time! The 9 months rocked, I had mastered the balance, had been successful enough to take liberties and get certain privileges, which I thanked my bosses for by tirelessly working from around the globe while on vacation. Again, balance. 

November 1, 2013 was my last day at work (cried so hard, had to pull over!), but once that door closed, I embraced the freedom, the free and the me. Currently, I have the following true commitments: Spanish lessons, 2hrs on Mon/Wed and Gym classes, 2 in total (!!!!) on Wed. Everything else is as I please, as I choose, as I see fit and as I identify as need/want/must. Of course, I have things to do. I handle everything house related, I do what ever I can to ensure husband man can enjoy his free time since he’s given me basically carte Blanche with mine!! 

Free time has been equaling lots of me time since Nov 1, 2013 – thank you, husband man. Forever grateful! 💛💛💙❤️


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