#reverb15 — 19/31

Planning is today’s prompt. My friends in Switzerland used to tease me about my organizational skills, how I planned everything and every aspect of my life yet was spontaneous…let me share that secret with you: I planned my life to have room for just that, spontaneity!

I plan a little less now that I have the luxury of time, yet have lists for everything, incl. who’s visited us in Cartagena, restaurants we’ve tried and yet have to try, etc. I do have a paper calendar, husband man buys it for me every year, but it’s mainly a birthday calendar. It doesn’t leave our desk, I check it daily, one glance, that’s all I need. I run the finances (I’m Swiss after all!!!) and can tell you at any given moment how much we still need to reach our savings goal for the year, what’s pending etc. My brain does numbers and dates well, I write it all down to ensure I won’t forget, ever. 

Additionally, I love the efficiency planing guarantees. I have ongoing to do lists, sorted by priority but also by location. If I need/want to go to the old city, I’ll consult my list and can in one trip also deal with what I need to get taken care of in the old city. 

Vacation planing is my favorite. I’ve been working on 2016 for a while and can pretty much tell you where we will go when where we will stay and the top places we must see, visit, eat at etc. Anthony gets an itinerary from me prior to me finalizing it all so we can make the final decisions together. 

And last but not least, planning used to pay my bills. Events, arrivals/departures, VIP visits, the longer the list of requirements, the more fascinated I was. Planning is in my DNA, it makes me happy and provides me with control….but that’s for another blog post. 


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