#reverb15 — 21/31


With the risk of sounding a big arrogant, I’ve almost always felt pretty comfortable about myself, my decisions and choices. Were they always the best? Nope, but at the time, with the information at hand, I did what I thought was best. If I needed yo improve, I adjusted and moved on. I’ve always known what I liked, once I make a decision i.e. on a new skiing jacket, I’ll stop looking, ASAP. There are hardly ever what ifs, or could/would/should have. 

I thought all day about today’s post and while baking I thought about this: ⭐️ I bake cookies because they go with Christmas, BUT: I bake non-traditional Christmas cookies. This made me realize, I’m a tradionalist with my own non-traditional agenda. ⭐️ I’m Swiss, I’m on time (10min early, really), people who are late make me want yo break out in hives, BUT: Colombians are late, for the most part. So, I’ll get there on time, wait with my book and coffee/cocktail and move on. I’ve learned that about myself this year: my true ME is impatient and punctual, yet patient and accepting of other people’s sense of time. ⭐️ I’m a perfectionist who allows room for error and less than perfect outcome. The true ME just doesn’t want to waste time and energy chasing perfection. 

2014 and 2015 have taught me that life throws life at you, you just have to live and love it. And most likely, that’s happening when I’m being ME and not the ME I could/should/would be. Is there room for improvement? Always. Am I aiming for that? Always. But never ever will I give up living más! Living life to its fullest has allowed me and taught me about ME. And me likes!



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