#reverb15 — 22/31

Clarity. Moments or lack there of. 

When I turned 30, I decided that I clearly didn’t want to be surrounded by negative people. I strategically distanced myself and severed a few ties with people who I felt weren’t supportive, weren’t positive enough for me and my well being. 

Fast forward to being 42 and living in Cartagena. A small US community, my overseas family, surrounds us due to husband man’s job. By default, we are family, foreigners overseas, aren’t we supposed to be tight knit? Aren’t we supposed to all get along?  I had mentioned in a previous reverb post, that chosen trumps default when it comes to family, I had a moment or moments of clarity when it comes to living overseas: we don’t need to all love each other. We don’t need to be one big happy family. We just need to get along and be cordial. Once that hit me, I made a few changes on my social media accounts and am now, AGAIN, free of negativity. I can see clearly, again, the beauty and nothing but!


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