#reverb15 — 23/31

Today’s prompt: Perfectionist. Perfectionism. 

I wish I could say #goodenough is good enough for me…it’s just not. But I’ve learned that I have my very own perfect, my expectations of perfect aren’t yours or anybody elses. And accepting that, makes aiming for my perfect perfect in my own eyes. Maybe that’s really #goodenough, but I like to deliver perfect results where perfect results are expected…good isn’t good enough when better (perfect!) is expected (by me!)

Here are a few examples of how I chose to define my perfect, where nothing but goes:

1) baking cookies — I will not “hack” the recipe until I’ve successfully perfectioned the original recipe, then I will venture out, exchange lime for oranges, add orange zest to a zucchini bread, lower the butter and use more lime juice…

2) we are tax exempt, I take care of the refunds. It needs to be perfect, or I won’t get the $$$ back…so there just isn’t a way around it.

3) I aim to be the perfect Gotti, god-mother in Swiss German. There’s no definition for that, but the one in my head…and that’s a non-negotiable in my book. Those three little loves (and their siblings!) deserve nothing but my very best, at all times! 

4) group fitness classes. Yes, the choreography is meant to be spot on, 100% of the time. Well, mine isn’t. And nobody has ever gotten hurt in any of my classes, and I’ve been teaching for a while. I aim to deliver the perfect class, addressing everybody’s needs, and ensuring they all have THEIR perfect class. Sometimes, a 2/2 gets away from me, but watching the ladies increase the load on their bars and coming back and bringing the friends and family tells me, their perfect was met despite 8x 2/2 vs. 4x 2/2 and 4x 3/1. 

I am working on changing my expectations though, since I aim for perfect, I have to occasionally step back and reevaluate my expectations. As I said at the beginning of this post: my perfect isn’t yours, I shall refrain from expecting it, yet value YOUR perfect. Poco a poco #workinprogress


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