#reverb15 — 26/31

“Another year older” means I got to live and love another year. Every year offers 365 opportunities to do just that: Live & Love. 

I’ve always embraced my age, I’ve called it as it is as far back as I can remember. Turning 18 was amazing, it meant getting a drivers license. 20 meant graduating, 30 was fabulous and 40 got me a surprise birthday dinner hosted by husband man. My friend Nicki was here the morning of my 43rd and a romantic dinner with husband man followed that evening. I love my birthday, believe in birthday month. April is my month, all 30 days of it. I celebrate life really all year and the following year and the year there after. 

Another year older means more memories, more laughters, more celebrations. I hope i got wiser and smarter along the way, make better decisions and am “more adult”. I don’t believe in age appropriate — what’s that anyways?! A dear friend always says: life is a banquet, don’t starve! Another year older means more banquets, and what’s not to love about a banquet?!



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