#reverb15 — 27/31

Yesterday’s prompt is “worn out”. What did you wear out and need to replace in 2016? If you know me, you know I’ve got an obsession with Michael Kors. I heart his clothes, shoes, purses, everything. We are tight, as I jokingly tell husband man. His clothes fit me well and added benefit, make me feel good. I used to visit my friend Casie at a MK store on a regular basis, new apparel meant going to spend a few hours with her. Living in Cartagena changed that. I still shop with her once in a while, but I now wear what I own, I wear it out. I just had to say goodbye to a favorite pair of sandals, they were so worn out, I would have NEVER worn them in the USA. But sidewalks aren’t so great here, it’s not worth wearing new shoes (I would have never even thought this two years ago!!!). I’ve since tried to find said shoes again, I have bought a replacement, not really a fan, and another replacement, which will have to do….can’t keep on buying black flats forever…

On the other hand, I do not believe in keeping things for a special occasion. I buy, I wear. I treat every day like a big occasion, I participated in #12daysoflipstick and wore lipstick at home just for the challenge and picture sake. Why keep it if I can use it?

I rather replace something because it’s worn out versus tired itself out in the back of my closet! 


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