#reverb15 — 28/31

Home town is today’s prompt and I can honestly say I’ve got three or maybe even four of these!

1) Wilen, Switzerland (sorry, in German) is the first hometown I ever knew. I lived there from 1977-1992 and again 1996-1998. The first five years of my live, I spent in a neighboring town. Wilen is small town Switzerland, meaning there isn’t much there but great views, great people, amazing schools and easy access to everything. Zurich being 30min away, public transportation to anywhere and only 75min to

2) Lenzerheide-Valbella, Switzerland located in the heart of the Alps. I lived there for shy of a year but have spent countless Christmasses, New Years and days skiing there. I love that town, most beautiful views, skiing is the best and the restaurant scene is pretty good as well. Lenzerheide-Valbella was where we first hit the club scene, my parents had different rules while on vacation (yay them and us!) and since we could walk everywhere, we were out and about till the bakery opened at 4am and we would have fresh croissants for our sleeping parents and ourselves…what’s not to love?
3) Washington, DC and Virginia is what I called home from 1998 till Jan 2014. I lived in the district and at 7 different addresses in VA during my time in the DC area. DC is what I consider home in the USA. When talking about going home, I refer to DC and/or Wilen, which can be confusing for many, especially, since I also consider 

4) Cartagena la fántastica my home. So home really is on three different continents, three different countries, very different climates and living yet it all makes my heart smile to its fullest. Home is where I live. Home is where I live with husband man. Home is where my stuff is. Home is where I know people who I care deeply for. Home is wher happiness is. 

I am lucky to consider this many places home. All with its pluses and minuses, I value and cherish it all, for the good and the bad, the happy and occasionally the sad. Cartagena is where I’ll be at home till at least March 2018 (you’ve got two more years to come visit!!!). 


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