#reverb15 — 29/31

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. 

Since I’m a control freak, I actually enjoy making decisions, for the most part. Since I attempt to control the outcome prior to actually facing a decision, I’ve got my goals, my numbers, my destination mapped out, so the decision involves usually the strategy, the how to get there. 

Take saving money as an example. We live off one salary, basically took a 50% pay cut moving to CTG, however, our bills are a lot lower, thank you US Gov’t, and we manage just fine. I decided on saving a certain amount of $$ per year, split that into a monthly and then bi-weekly savings goal. Every deposit into our account gets analyzed as to what do we need to pay, do we need cash, what goes into savings. And I “bank” according to this and get us to where we need to be. Easy does it. Black and white. Emotionless. 

Decisions freak me out a little when “I don’t care” comes into play. I don’t care is the worst…I translate that into: damned if you do, damned if you don’t!! Because you DO care, we all do. That’s why decisions affecting loved ones are hard(er) than other decisions, emotions come into play. On the other hand, getting the “I don’t care” also presents me with a clean slate, a blank canvas ready to be decided over. I’ve come a long way, have ways to go, but I plan to celebrate the blank canvas and celebrate the freedom of decision making in 2016!


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