#reverb16 – 1/12

I decided to join Kim and Sarah for reverb16, a monthly writing project. 

Changes | A lot of people use January as a jumping off point to implement changes in their lives. How do you implement change? Slowly? Cold turkey? Incrementally with a plan?

I’m not afraid of change, never have been. Yet I am afraid to fail, so it’s not the actual change that occasionally paralyzes me, it’s the potential of a less than perfect outcome. On the other hand, I know gradually changing something and taking baby steps into a new direction won’t cause immediat failure…yet I’m also the least patient person I know, so gradual change and I don’t get along either!

Neghar Fonooni wrote a blogpost about “what’s the one thing that will make the biggest impact”. I like that approach when it comes to change as well, go big or go home basically. But: I’d implement BIG changes strategically, well planned and ideally risk free! 



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