Take 2! 

After posting the picture below, it’s exactly two years old, pre-Cartagena, a friend commented “you look so different”. My very first thought was: better? Worse? Older? Skinnier? What CHANGEd??


Change is the prompt for January #reverb16. After asking myself for a few loooooong minutes, what has changed, I decided to take a look at myself, and look at the changes. 

I’m definitely tanner, living in the southern Caribbean does that to you, but not important. I look a lot more relaxed, not really a statement since I was just a little (!!) tired and emotional leaving WDC, but I AM a lot more relaxed. Living the life I’m privileged to live does that to you. No deadlines might appear to be stressful, but I still make lists, get done what needs to get done so I can live that life to its fullest. I follow my mantra “live más” a lot more. I’m even more curious and open to new, and new adventures than ever. Maybe knowing we will eventually have to leave Cartagena and CHANGE our home address again does that to me? 

I’m going to take my friend’s comment as a compliment, I could look at some wrinkles or a few white hairs, but why beat myself up over something inevitable? Age, just a number, an everCHANGEing number!



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