#Reverb: March 2017

March // 10 ways you escape the winter blues

And if you don’t experience winter, or have any bluesy feelings, you can be escaping anything, for any reason- share how you take care of yourself. 

I grew up in Switzerland, lived in the heart of the Alps for three years, and have never not loved what winter had hoped offer…fast forward to living in the DMV Metro area and the sentiment changed due to lack of driving skills, winter tires, snow plowing skills and strategies, and let’s face it: why should there be snow if there’s no A+ skiing within an hour? But even after experiencing Snowmagedon in 2010 and Polar Vortex in 2014, I still don’t identify with winter blues, and doubt I ever will. Here’s why I don’t think I know this sensation:

1) winter is a season like any other, it will be over with eventually. 

2) winter has always been a time of fun! Skiing with friends, skiing vacation, hot chocolates or coffee with alcohol and whipped cream, and many long nights, walking home under the stars knowing you’d be greeted by the sun a few hours later to ski and do it all over again. 

3) I have a fascination with winter coats and accessories. 

4) I love watching hockey & skiing races. 

5) Two of my three godchildren love skiing – enough said!

6) nothing beats the combination of cheese fondue and sledding down a mountain. 

7) full moon skiing is unforgettable. 

8) the smell of snow. 

9) snow covered mountain peaks against the blue(st) sky is breathtaking

10) remember being a kid catching big snow flakes with your tongue?

Maybe, I’ve successfully held on to these memories and been able to face winter with a big smile, of maybe, there’s a part of me that will always love winter? 

Winter has gotten colder for this Colombian at heart, but still, no blues but mainly love! 



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