#Reverb: April2017

I’ve never spring cleaned per se, I don’t purge on demand and there are most likely 9 things I could {easily} do without…but hoarding and collecting isn’t in my genes, so it’s not something I have to do on a regular basis. So here’s a combination of it all

1) I spring/summer/fall/winter clean my clothes, well, used to. Now, its summer 365/365. But in the past, if I hadn’t worn it the past 3-4 months, I gave it away, newer items, I sold on Poshmark. 

2) I go through all our papers 1-2x per month and sort, scan, shred based on what I think we need. I’m also proud that we are 100% paperfree, where ever possible. No bank statements, no explanation of benefits, nada. 

3) I can do without buying new books since I have at least 50 unread ones on my kindle and same amount in my bookshelf…but I know there will always be that one I just must have. After analyzing how much I had spent in 2014, 2015 and 2016, I’ve set my maximum at $250/year. Yes, I can do without, but I chose to limit myself versus going without. 

4) one of my 2017 must do’s is to go through all the freeflying pictures, not spring cleaning, not purging, but finding a better system. Spring organizing?

5) I can definitely do without the panelita being sole at Juan Valdez. It’s a delicious, way too sugary, treat I allow myself once in a while, lately too often. So I’ve decided to start skipping it, while at it, I’m also going back to doing coffee without milk/cream or what not and drink the Colombian deliciousness in espresso, americano or tinto form. Why waste the fantastic taste of Colombian coffee?!

6) I can definitely do without social media, or with less. While my girlfriend was visiting, she pointed it out to me. So I made a conscious effort and it’s been easier than I had thought. A good book, a walk or face to face conversations FTW!

7) I need to purge some of the Cartagena specific information, maps, business cards, etc. I have collected. No, we are not leaving till at least 03/22/2019, but some businesses have closed, changed location, so I need to eliminate said “things”. 

8) I do have a ridiculous collection of accessories (quote husband man), might be time to go through it and gift some items. 

9) last but not least, I’m a big believer that experiences make you rich and enrich your life. I can definitely do with a lower balance in our bank account and more experiences!


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