Double that distance sinc we also walked back…



Rear view mirror

More detailed posts on the Super Workshop and the vacation to Cuzco and Machu Picchu to follow…

October 4th
*pre Super Workshop
*with international presenter Jeremiah Evans


October 7th to October 10th
*on the train to Machu Picchu
*audio tour at the Cathedral in Cuzco
*flight from CTG to Bogotá
*flight from Bogotá to Lima
*at the JW Marriott in Cuzco
*at the Sumaq in Machu Picchu
*in the Machu Picchu Pueblo


LMI a la Cartagena

Well, it was only a matter of time: I found myself on a stage with a mic and LMI clothes, cueing in toe languages to a huge crowd here in CTG.

One of the instructors at ProFitness where I attend classes mentioned a Les Mills Day to me, which would include the training manager from Baranquilla. Elkin is the training manager for the Coast here in Colombia. We weren’t truly sure what to expect, would it be launches, just specialty classes? It seems to have been a LMI Day, introducing more members to Les Mills and a few different classes, success considering the class sizes!

At 945am, or in true Colombian fashion, I was confirmed as a guest instructor teaching three BodyStep tracks at 10am, followed by shadowing BodyAttack and teaching 1 track as well…thank you, long term memory for NOT failing me!!

Both husband man and I had a blast, noteworthy is that Anthony took all classes, stuck with the fight and pumped weights!! 💛💙❤️

There are groundwork workshops scheduled along with launches and a Q featuring Shauna May, we definitely plan to attend schedule permitting!!

Yes, I wasn’t sure if I’d teach, now I’m pretty sure I want to, just a matter of time till BodyTech here on Boca Grande opens and finding a way to be able to teach…fingers crossed!!




My workout week

Yes, I’ve posted a lot about food, to be able to eat my way through the 296 (that’s what Tripadvisor claims!) restaurants here in CTG, girl’s got to workout. Combine that with lots of time and a quote from a CTG friend “if you’re not in the best shape of your life after being here, I don’t know when else…” and my competitive self, you know I’m working out, a lot.

What does my week look now vs. NoVA? Here’s the comparison…

BodyStep in NoVA

BodyAttack in NoVA
Tae-Box, BodyPump, 2-3 mile walk and shoulders and abs in CTG

BodyAttack and BodyPump in NoVA
Circuito, Back, biceps, abs and 2-3 mile walk in CTG

Hit or miss in NoVA
4-5 mile walk or BodyPump and Pilates and chest/triceps/abs and 2-3 mile walk in CTG

BodyStep in NoVA
4-5 mile walk, legs and abs in CTG

4-5 mile walk and some outside stuff in CTG

BodyStep in NoVA
Tae-Box in CTG

Yes, I know. I’ve got the luxury of time, so I’m going to the gym 2x per day, additionally, I’ve got the motivation of permanent bikini season and lots of people being in great shape. I’m definitely taking advantage of this time in my life…(and loving it!!). Most classes here are only 45′ and my evening sessions are usually 30′ on the treadmill, walking with husband man and then a 30-45′ workout. I don’t spend hours at the gym, I actually research my workout and come with a plan and a back-up plan in case lots of the weights are taken or the (small) gym is overly packed.
Additionally, we walk everywhere, which gives some additional time on the move — I love it.

Confessions of a GGX fanatic

As you all know, I used to teach GGX classes. GGX = Gold’s Group Exercise, Fitness Classes, Aerobics classes or what ever you like to call them.
I taught for 7++ years, several times a week and made the most amazing friends! Friends for life who I miss dearly. Prior to teaching, I was a groupie, following my favorite instructors around from gym to gym…

Clearly, teaching that very last class, BodyStep on Jan 4th, was very emotional! I think I was more nervous than for the three tapings, teaching with a GFM (aka one of my bosses) in the room. I wanted to nail it, wanted to deliver the magic one more time — and I think I did! 60 or so of “my” members and friends came out and we got to celebrate for an hour, the best GGX hour of my life!! I still remember the chorey, I still remember the playlist, I still remember what I said, I still remember the emotions I felt running across the floor into Anthony’s arms, but above it all, I remember all of you! I can hear you, see you, feel your energy — over a month later, on a different continent — and I think I’ll carry those memories with me for a long, long time!

I didn’t cry during that class, I cried for all my other “last” classes, not this one. I felt too complete, too accomplished, it was too special for tears…but: confession #1: I’ve cried several times over the past month. Just because I love and miss you all, because it was so amazing to see you all step with me (and maybe a little bit for me?!). And yes, I got emotional writing this bit as well….(see below — what’s not to love?!)



I have had a gym membership for a bit over a month now, I’ve been taking BodyPump a few times a week, enjoyed Tae-Box once or twice a week and attended mat Pilates as well as circuito (think CXWorx gone 80ies aerobics sculpt class)! All classes are fun, very different, much smaller classes and for starters, the classes are 45′ and of course, en español! Confession #2: I don’t miss teaching — here I said and wrote it! I enjoy (for now!) the flexibility of being a member and being able to come and go as I please! And, confession #3: I have rediscovered my love for lifting weights, muscle group by muscle group as well as working out outside!

So maybe, maybe this move came at the right time, maybe it was time to stop teaching to rediscover old loves but also, truly appreciate what I’ve been able to do, what all of you, my friends and most loyal members, EVER (!!!!!), allowed me to do!

Words cannot describe the love I have for group fitness, I’m sure it will resurface! But for now, I love being on the other side of the GGX room but also, walking 3-4 miles in the bay and lifting weights!!



Shoulders — or how to deal with permanent bikini season…

If you’ve worked out with me or maybe taken a class of mine, you know I love to concentrate on shoulders. I used to pick the hardest shoulder tracks I could find and would push my hardworking members and myself through it. Now that I’m exposed to permanent bikini season (VA friends: just shy of 4 months!!), and my BodyPump releases are somewhere between DC and CTG, I was in need for a good burn: http://jillfit.com/2012/05/24/shoulder-workout-burn/
I had done this workout before, I loved being sore for a day or two and anticipate and look forward to it again! Try it — You’ll love the burn and hardcore!!

To teach or not to teach…

As you (most likely) know, I’ve spent a substantial amount of the past 7++ years teaching group fitness classes and loving and living Les Mills! Getting certified in BodyStep, BodyAttack and BodyPump were some of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did it keep me fit, I was able yo build lifelong (I hope!!) friendships.
Moving to CTG meant putting my instructor career on hold, or terminate it — so I thought!! I was ecstatic when I realized the gym near my house offered BodyPump, and the voices in my head are telling me to sign back up for autoship. I’m not yet ready to listen, not yet ready to teach in Spanish, but after getting through a shoulder track yesterday (it wasn’t pretty, but then everybody followed along….), I am sensing a return to that side of the group fitness room happening (and I know, this isn’t a surprise for some of you!!)
Time will tell — and I love having lots of that right now!!