A few rearview mirror posts

Surgery 🔹 sushi 🔹Cartagena impressions  

Nicki does CTG

Getsemani with Maria  🔹 April birthdays 🔹 flowers of CTG

Uese & Tanja in CTG  

Quito with my love 🔹 Gym 🔹 lunch with my gym friends



February 2015

pictures are (almost always) worth more than 1,000 words. Here’s a summary of February 2015!

 Impressions of CTG and dinner at Salou…

Dinner at Bacco Trattoria & volunteering at Casa del Niños  

Weekend get-away and a dear friend’s little daughter    

Coffe impressions and my dear Colombian friends


Rearview mirror: week of January 25th


The Virgin Candelaria is the patron for Cartagena. Sitting above the city on la Popa, she overlooks the city. Cartagena celebrates her the Sunday before February 2nd. A horse procession “la cabalgata” from Boca Grande to the old city start the celebrations on Saturday, which continue into the night at the foot of La Popa and then on Sunday at the monetary.
Together with a few local friends, we ventured out to San Martin to watch the show and drink Mimosas.





Earlier in the week, I went to Cono Gourmet, a restaurant in the Old City serving everything in a cone. The drinks (spearmint and carrot juice) were as delicious as our cones and the atmosphere of the little restaurant is very inviting. Additionally, I loved my time with my friend Sandra.




Rear view mirror

More detailed posts on the Super Workshop and the vacation to Cuzco and Machu Picchu to follow…

October 4th
*pre Super Workshop
*with international presenter Jeremiah Evans


October 7th to October 10th
*on the train to Machu Picchu
*audio tour at the Cathedral in Cuzco
*flight from CTG to Bogotá
*flight from Bogotá to Lima
*at the JW Marriott in Cuzco
*at the Sumaq in Machu Picchu
*in the Machu Picchu Pueblo