#reverb15 — 31/31

As the old year comes to a close, the “brand new” is just around the corner. New year, new you is being advertised and the slogan has been around as long as I can remember…and I’ve disliked it as long as I can remember. What’s wrong with the me of today that will be wrong tomorrow? I have never been a believer of New Years resolution, however, I believe in goal setting, some are for the brand new year, some aren’t. 

Instead of creating a new me, I want to be the best of me, the best me I can be. My words or combinations of words or hashtags for 2016 therefore are 

#bestofME and #betterME

I am excited about what 2016 will bring, hope you are as well. As the #reverb15 comes to an end, new, monthly prompts will be written about by my girls Kim & Sarah and I’ve decided to join them for this (ad)venture. Interested? Let us know! Happiest of NEW year to you and yours, may it be filled with more and better of what ever you dream of! 💛💛💙❤️


#reverb — 30/31

Process over outcome. I am a bit too goal driven, to outcome driven to 100% bring able to say, the journey is more important, yet I do agree that if you don’t believe in the process you won’t have the desired outcome. The process has to be manageable, you need to buy in to get to what the envisioned outcome is. 

I think I approach it backwards: how do I get to the outcome using a process I’ll enjoy, maintain, commit to? Since quitting really hardly ever is an option, I will adjust the process to endure I can finish what I started, to reach said outcome. Maybe after all, it’s the process that gets me to the outcome, maybe I’m not all that backwards after all?

#reverb15 — 29/31

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. 

Since I’m a control freak, I actually enjoy making decisions, for the most part. Since I attempt to control the outcome prior to actually facing a decision, I’ve got my goals, my numbers, my destination mapped out, so the decision involves usually the strategy, the how to get there. 

Take saving money as an example. We live off one salary, basically took a 50% pay cut moving to CTG, however, our bills are a lot lower, thank you US Gov’t, and we manage just fine. I decided on saving a certain amount of $$ per year, split that into a monthly and then bi-weekly savings goal. Every deposit into our account gets analyzed as to what do we need to pay, do we need cash, what goes into savings. And I “bank” according to this and get us to where we need to be. Easy does it. Black and white. Emotionless. 

Decisions freak me out a little when “I don’t care” comes into play. I don’t care is the worst…I translate that into: damned if you do, damned if you don’t!! Because you DO care, we all do. That’s why decisions affecting loved ones are hard(er) than other decisions, emotions come into play. On the other hand, getting the “I don’t care” also presents me with a clean slate, a blank canvas ready to be decided over. I’ve come a long way, have ways to go, but I plan to celebrate the blank canvas and celebrate the freedom of decision making in 2016!

#reverb15 — 28/31

Home town is today’s prompt and I can honestly say I’ve got three or maybe even four of these!

1) Wilen, Switzerland (sorry, in German) is the first hometown I ever knew. I lived there from 1977-1992 and again 1996-1998. The first five years of my live, I spent in a neighboring town. Wilen is small town Switzerland, meaning there isn’t much there but great views, great people, amazing schools and easy access to everything. Zurich being 30min away, public transportation to anywhere and only 75min to

2) Lenzerheide-Valbella, Switzerland located in the heart of the Alps. I lived there for shy of a year but have spent countless Christmasses, New Years and days skiing there. I love that town, most beautiful views, skiing is the best and the restaurant scene is pretty good as well. Lenzerheide-Valbella was where we first hit the club scene, my parents had different rules while on vacation (yay them and us!) and since we could walk everywhere, we were out and about till the bakery opened at 4am and we would have fresh croissants for our sleeping parents and ourselves…what’s not to love?
3) Washington, DC and Virginia is what I called home from 1998 till Jan 2014. I lived in the district and at 7 different addresses in VA during my time in the DC area. DC is what I consider home in the USA. When talking about going home, I refer to DC and/or Wilen, which can be confusing for many, especially, since I also consider 

4) Cartagena la fántastica my home. So home really is on three different continents, three different countries, very different climates and living yet it all makes my heart smile to its fullest. Home is where I live. Home is where I live with husband man. Home is where my stuff is. Home is where I know people who I care deeply for. Home is wher happiness is. 

I am lucky to consider this many places home. All with its pluses and minuses, I value and cherish it all, for the good and the bad, the happy and occasionally the sad. Cartagena is where I’ll be at home till at least March 2018 (you’ve got two more years to come visit!!!). 

#reverb15 — 27/31

Yesterday’s prompt is “worn out”. What did you wear out and need to replace in 2016? If you know me, you know I’ve got an obsession with Michael Kors. I heart his clothes, shoes, purses, everything. We are tight, as I jokingly tell husband man. His clothes fit me well and added benefit, make me feel good. I used to visit my friend Casie at a MK store on a regular basis, new apparel meant going to spend a few hours with her. Living in Cartagena changed that. I still shop with her once in a while, but I now wear what I own, I wear it out. I just had to say goodbye to a favorite pair of sandals, they were so worn out, I would have NEVER worn them in the USA. But sidewalks aren’t so great here, it’s not worth wearing new shoes (I would have never even thought this two years ago!!!). I’ve since tried to find said shoes again, I have bought a replacement, not really a fan, and another replacement, which will have to do….can’t keep on buying black flats forever…

On the other hand, I do not believe in keeping things for a special occasion. I buy, I wear. I treat every day like a big occasion, I participated in #12daysoflipstick and wore lipstick at home just for the challenge and picture sake. Why keep it if I can use it?

I rather replace something because it’s worn out versus tired itself out in the back of my closet! 

#reverb15 — 26/31

“Another year older” means I got to live and love another year. Every year offers 365 opportunities to do just that: Live & Love. 

I’ve always embraced my age, I’ve called it as it is as far back as I can remember. Turning 18 was amazing, it meant getting a drivers license. 20 meant graduating, 30 was fabulous and 40 got me a surprise birthday dinner hosted by husband man. My friend Nicki was here the morning of my 43rd and a romantic dinner with husband man followed that evening. I love my birthday, believe in birthday month. April is my month, all 30 days of it. I celebrate life really all year and the following year and the year there after. 

Another year older means more memories, more laughters, more celebrations. I hope i got wiser and smarter along the way, make better decisions and am “more adult”. I don’t believe in age appropriate — what’s that anyways?! A dear friend always says: life is a banquet, don’t starve! Another year older means more banquets, and what’s not to love about a banquet?!


#reverb15 — 25/31

Merry Christmas! I’m grateful for another Christmas spent with my perfect, with husband man. I’m grateful for the gift of life and the life I feel fortunate to live. I’m grateful for the overseas experience and the happiness and joy I get to experience. I’m grateful for Skype date with the Meiers and all my loves living all over the globe. I’m grateful for the richness this year’s travels have brought to our lives. 

If I had to narrow it down to a few words, the words of gratitude for 2015 would be and ae: