Baby it’s cold outside  



I’m joining my friends Sarah & Kim in the #reverb16 project. Monthly prompts will be emailed and you write (or don’t), share (or don’t) your thoughts…

Prompt for February 2016: Super Bowl month has us thinking about our culture’s inherent need to belong and to experience things together as a community. What events are important to you during the year? How do you show solidarity with your tribe?

I think we all aim to belong, one way or another. Yet I’ve never felt the urge to be a part of a specific tribe, a clique, one group. Since 1978, I’ve had one best friend and tons of other close friends, acquaintances, people I know. I’m lucky to have groups of close friends on three continents, people I love seeing and spending time with! Our gatherings aren’t event driven but rather caused by us being in the same place at the same place. When I was younger, I used to run around making sure I’d see EVERYBODY while in Switzerland for 10 days, but now, I pick and choose, I’ve become pickier and choosier. Within the various “tribes”, there are my heart people, people I feel closer and more connected to.  Over time and with age, my tribe has gotten bigger yet smaller. And that’s the way I love it. 


As we are getting ready to head to Switzerland and the US, the question arises as to who will I see and connect with. Most importantly, in Switzerland, my BFF & her family. And of course, my parents. There’s also the baptism of my god-son, so we will become a part of his life and share this special day with him and his family, which I’ve known since 1977. 

Moving to Cartagena meant meeting new people, hopefully making new friends, yet at the end of our tour, I need to be friends and get along with one person, and one person only: husband man. Everybody else, new friends, are a bonus! 

And one final thought, you can’t be everywhere, attend every event. It took me a while to figure out that an invitation isn’t an obligation, regardless of who extends it. Be choosy. Be selective. Be picky.